NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder 1.02.223 + key
The NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder combines the industry's highest qualityDVD and MPEG-2 playback with rich surround sound audio and provides thebest experience with Microsoft Windows Media Player and Windows MediaCenter Edition.

FeaturingDolby Digital surround sound audio and hardware-accelerated video onall Microsoft DirectX compatible graphics processors, the NVIDIAPureVideo Decoder delivers unmatched color fidelity and smooth DVD,video, and TV viewing. The NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder is also the bestway to experience PureVideo on your NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series GPU,enabling such features as spatial temporal de-interlacing, inversetelecine, and bad edit correction.

The NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder isthe first software decoder to receive the "Designed for Media CenterEdition" certification, ensuring that it will deliver premium videoquality and unmatched performance for Media Center PCs. In addition,the NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder is designed to work with Portable MediaCenters allowing users to take their recorded TV shows with them on theroad.



판매자 : NVidia

판매유형 : Software

코드 : 2006

활성화 : FD2D-5D4D-0669-2ABC-76A1-FEE8-FD8B


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