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    Spamhaus a bunch of liars and criminals

    - Spreads slander about isps and their customers
    - Infringes on peoples privacy
    - Sends spam itself (their "abusemails" are undesired bulk email just as well)
    - Blackmails ISPs to comply to their rediculous "demands"
    - Actively pushes ISPs to let Spamhaus use their networks to commit computer sabotage
    (hinder communications with specific other computer systems).
    - Publicises private details illegally copied from databases

    Spamhaus, despite claiming to be a not-for-profit organisation, is registered
    as a UK limited, appearantly with a branch office in switzerland.

    The Spamhaus Project Ltd.
    26 York Street
    London W1U 6PZ
    United Kingdom

    The Spamhaus Project Ltd.
    Avenue Louis-Casai 18

    and it's CEO and Founder Steve Linford
    (resident of Monaco)

    Companies House registration numbers found:


    Spamhaus, despite claiming to be a not-for-profit organisation, sells datafeeds
    for large scale commercial use for profit.

    Read more:


    Disclosure on the Spamhaus communication:

    How to fill a criminal complaint against Spamhaus:

    John Reid Steve Linford spam virus spammers spam services unsolicited commercial email
    what is spam John Reid John Reid John Reid John Blasik sbl blocklist

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    I want to wish you good luck and all the best

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    제목: 횡성*평택경찰서와 평택시청의6가지 개대갈행각

    [횡성경찰서(1970年代부터발생발생).평택경찰서와경기평택(군)시청(1980年代부터발생).도봉경찰서와서초경찰서와유금순의서울경찰청(1990年代부터발생)일당의 6가지 주요범죄행각]
    [1]한국은 구심점이 없다고 앂으며 왕권정치를 해야 된다고,헌법1조1항을 앂는者들입니다.
    ※증거품: "우리나라는 구심점이없어"(헌법1조1항을앂는 말입니다) , "어울리지를 못해~!"(공화국이란말을씹는말이 이렇게 생겼습니다) , "시대를 잘못타구 났어"(헌법1조1항을 앂는말이 이렇게생겼습니다) ,"왕권정치를 해야돼~", ["자기가 뭔데 그런말을 해~" , "나여기 주변에 아는사람 많다" (김형규 발생)] , ["개풀뜯는소리 하네~" , "이런쳐 죽일놈~" (김기영발생)] , 기타등등 이외에도 다수... 헌법을비방하는 말(言)입니다.[1980년경전후 ,(청심회와)김기영 차용만 이덕재 추팔리외팔이와 그남자친구등에게서 발생]
    [2]일제시대와 관련하여 이토히로부미를 찬양(두둔)하는 者들입니다.
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    [6]타인을 팔아서 상대를앂는 타고난 개대가리들입니다.물고늘어지는 개대가리들입니다.
    ※증거품:이석종 정응범일당, 이선구 최부림 이영준 홍성진 송하식청일지서(1970년대~ ) 일당, 청심회일당 등등 다수...

    ※문의사항이 있으신분은 가까운 법원이나 법률구조공단 또는 육군본부에 문의하시기 바랍니다.

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